6th Grade ELA

Collections Reading Anthology

Our Reading and Language Arts textbook is the Collections series from Houghton Mifflin. This text comprises a high-quality approach to literature instruction aligned with the Common Core Standards.  Students will be learning about and using various strategies such as making inferences, sequencing, visualizing, predicting, summarizing, and comparing and contrasting in order to become a more comprehensive learner.  With each of these reading skills there will be a strong focus on writing complete and well founded reading responses that incorporate text evidence.  Students will have the opportunity to apply these reading strategies to various forms of text and genres.

Use this link to go to our Language Arts / Reading Collections website.




Sadler Vocab Workshop

Sixth grade also utilizes Sadlier’s Vocabulary Workshop as its vocabulary program that will be taught during the Reading block of Language Arts. This program is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for vocabulary. The program is intended to expand students’ knowledge of vocabulary words through word study, reading vocabulary in context, and applying the vocabulary to their writing. In addition to this program, students will study

Use the Sadlier Vocab Workshop website to help you study your vocabulary word:

2. Click on log-in in the upper right hand corner
3. Click on the purple box that says “Student & Family Resources”
4. Choose Vocabulary Workshop
5. Choose Level A

** Click on the unit number we are currently studying.**


Google Scholar

It’s important to use sound and reliable resources when doing research for a paper or project.  Here is a link to search for scholarly articles or sources through the Google platform.

Google Scholar


Poetry Resource

Use this website as a resource for creating rhymes for your poetry.