6th Grade

February 23, 2024

Dear Sixth Grade Parents,

Hello HRS families! We hope that you’ve had a wonderful start to Lent, full of reflection and prayer. We appreciate the donations that have been coming in as well, and love to see this generosity come out of our community. This Lent, we are accepting donations to Father Charles’ parish in Uganda. Your child can drop off the donation to the office on Friday morning to wear free dress. 

Homeroom Updates: 

Rice Bowls: Rice Bowls were sent home this week. Thank you in advance for making any contribution. Please note, do not put your family name on the rice bowl. 


Egg Cartons: Students will be learning about the last supper soon, and we need empty egg cartons for a project. Our goal is two dozen, full-sized egg cartons. Send with your child ASAP.  Thank you. 


Free Dress Fridays: Send your child with a donation on Fridays to have free dress. We are asking that students not use free dress passes on Fridays while donations are in progress. *Disregard Mr. Williams’ email about dropping off donations in the office. Bring to homeroom teacher in the morning. 


Lenten Service Project

During Lent, we strive to intentionally focus on serving others in need. As a school, we will do two things to focus on serving those in need during Lent. First, we will take up a special collection on five Fridays during Lent to support Father Dunstan and his school in Kenya. You may remember Father Dunstan who was with us for a school Mass in January and who celebrated Christmas Masses with us. Father Dunstan has a school in Kenya and they are trying to build a kitchen in order to keep their food safe from pesky animals to feed their students. Our students will get to learn more about this in class. On these Fridays in Lent (2/23, 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, and 3/22) students may come to school in free dress if they bring in a donation (minimum $1) to support this important need in Kenya. We strongly encourage students to earn $1 each week doing some act of service around their home. This way they will connect their own service to their almsgiving. Students may come in uniform on these days if they choose not to participate, and please no free dress passes these Fridays. 


Second, we will continue our tradition of supporting a local men’s shelter in Seattle, St. Martin de Porres. We will take up collections as follows (optional as well, but encourage participation if possible). We will deliver the donations from our school to St. Martins each of these Fridays.


Fri. March 1st:

Last Names A-L: Disposable razors and shaving cream (travel size)

Last Names M-Z: Brown Bag Lunches (perishable OK)


Friday, March 8th:

Last Names A-L: Brown Bag Lunches (perishable OK)

Last Names M-Z: Travel toothbrushes/toothpaste

Fri. March 15th:

Last Names A-L: Men’s socks

Last Names M-Z: Brown Bag Lunches (perishable OK)


Fri. March 22nd:

Last Names A-L: Men’s deodorant (regular or travel sized) or Brown Bag Lunches (perishable OK)

Last Names M-Z: Men’s deodorant (regular or travel sized) or Brown Bag Lunches (perishable OK)


Curriculum Updates:


Math (Mrs. H): 

Monday: *9.1 Functions

Tuesday: *9.2 Representing Linear Functions

Wednesday: *9.3 Rate of Change and Slope

Thursday: *9.3 More with Slope

Friday: *9.5 Slope-Intercept Form


Math (Mrs. C):  On Monday, we will start Chapter 8, Functions and Inequalities. In this chapter, students will learn about function tables, learn how to write function rules, and solve inequalities. We have an ALEKS check on Wednesday 2/28. Students need 10 topics and 2 hours to get full credit. 


Math (Mr. W): Hello HRS families. Next week, we will continue chapter 7: Equations. 

Monday: 7.2 Solve and Write Addition Equations 

Tuesday: 7.3 Solve and Write Subtraction Equations 

Wednesday: 7.4 Solve and Write Multiplication Equations

Thursday: Mid-Chapter Check

Friday: 7.5 Solve and Write Division Equations

Have a great weekend!


ELA: We are wrapping up The GIver. All questions must be answered in the GIver packet by Monday 2/26 to take part in class discussion. We will spend Tuesday and Wednesday discussing themes of The GIver and take the final on Thursday 2/29. We will use Friday 3/1 to work on our Memory Books. 


Social Studies: We are working on Lesson 13, Daily Life in Ancient Egypt. Students will work in groups to create and perform dramatizations to learn about the social structure of ancient Egypt and daily life for members of each social class. The Dramatization presentations will be on Thursday, February 29th. The study guide for this chapter will be on Google Classroom on February 27th and the test for this lesson will be on March 5th.


Science: Students will observe and compare Kool-Aid solutions that differ in the amount of powder (water held constant) and that differ in the amount of water (powder held constant) to develop the concept of concentration.

Students will make different saturated solutions. They will use a balance scale to find the mass of the solution to determine the amount of solute that dissolved in the solution. They will then compare the solubility of different materials in water. 


Religion: This week, 6th graders will learn about the Ten Commandments and how they relate to the teaching of Jesus. Students are able to tell about the Ten Commandments and identify ways to deepen our friendship with God. They will put into practice one or more ways of loving God and neighbors as we continue to talk about our Lenten goals.

Note to Parents: After this week 6th graders will start working on their Last Supper project. Please save or send an empty dozen egg cartons with our 6th graders to school. Thank you!


Calendar Updates:

  • Feb 24th – Crab Feed
  • Mar 8th – Noon Dismissal, Teacher-In-Service
  • April 25-26 – 6th Grade Camp

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nicole Chiodo and Tommy Williams