Course Description

This year students will be using the text, Alive in Christ. In the text, the treasure of God’s word is highlighted and integrated into reflection, prayer, and sharing. Throughout the program students are provided with both the content and tools necessary to explore the scriptures and to enrich their faith. Each lesson draws on and instructs in ways that help students appreciate the Church’s teachings as they apply to life today. Alive in Christ takes the importance of biblical role models and witnesses of faith as a factor in the faith development of both children and adults.


Through this text, we also hope to impress on your children the importance of God’s word.  We will be studying the Old Testament in-depth and regularly applying lessons learned from biblical leaders’ stories and scripture to their lives.


Old Testament Books – Song Version


UnknownCharacter Counts

Students will also be guided through a Character Counts program. This course teaches students strategies to build positive relationships with a focus on problem solving, leadership, team-building, and social skills that are directly tied to character-building traits and God’s word.  The Character Counts class period may also be used for general class meetings, “buddy” interactions and preparation for special events.


Digital Citizenship

We also try to incorporate a lot of media into our Character Counts lessons to motivate and connect with our students, proactively teach them about digital citizenship, and engage them in discussions on topics such as online safety.

Another resource we use often is Soul Pancake. This is an incredible group, created and lead by dear friends of mine, that creates content addressing various platforms that explores life’s big questions, celebrates humanity, and champions creativity.  They create each special, experiment, and interview with integrity, heart, and humor.  It’s a great resource and includes awesome channels like Kid President.  Check out this Kid President video below that our class watched the first week.  It fostered an awesome discussion about goal setting, recognizing our purpose in life, and choosing daily to be our best self.

A Pep Talk from Kid President

Soul Pancake

Growth Mindset

We will also spend a lot of time this year looking critically at our thinking.  We will be actively teaching the power of a growth mindset and cultivating a classroom community that encourages positive thinking.  We hope this will help build students’ self-confidence and empower them to overcome challenges.