My Math

The unique structure of My Math mathematics instruction promotes student success through the sound educational practices of incremental development and continual review. With incremental development, topics are developed in units focused on Common Core skill sets personalized for the way students learn, and individualized to maximize student success.  With My Math, students interact with the text in multiple ways throughout the learning cycle. Personalized vocabulary, student created examples, online practice, and downloadable apps move students from learning abstract concepts to concepts they can apply in life. Through continual review, previously learned concepts are revisited often throughout the year.

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We are fortunate to also have a differentiated math program online for all of our 5th – 8th grade students. is an online learning system that is built from the Common Core standards and uses the same standards and topics as our current curriculum. It uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine what a student knows and does not know. Each student will take an initial knowledge check at the beginning of the year, and an individualized curriculum will be created for that student. The student will work through his/her program and will periodically be re-assessed over the course of the year. We are very excited about the increased and deeper learning that this program will provide.

How will we use

  • Students will have a class period every 1-2 weeks to work on their individualized ALEKS plan in school.
  • Students will be required to finish 10 topics every weeks outside of what we complete in class. This can be done at home and/or in class when finished with other work. The students will receive a homework grade for this at pre-scheduled check in times.
  • The ALEKS check dates are as follows:

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Guidelines for  Math Placement

 The sixth grade math program at Holy Rosary School provides success and challenge for each student at his or her appropriate instructional level. Students are divided into three math classes, which usually average twenty students per class. The smaller class size makes it possible for each teacher to provide more individualized instruction for students. All sixth grade math classes use the McGraw Hill My Math math program. Holy Rosary offers one math class taught at a faster instructional pace taught by Mrs. Heuer. Students in this class meet the following criteria:

  • Teacher recommendation
  • An A- or above in fifth grade mathA National Percentile score on the Mathematics Total
  • subtest on the ITBS (administered in fifth grade) of 85% or higher
  • A National Percentile score on the Math Computation subtest on the ITBS (administered in fifth grade) of 75% or higher
  • A math placement test score at or above the seventh
  • grade level.

** Students have already completed the placement test in the Spring for the following year. **

Grading Breakdown

70%     Test

30%     Homework


Math Facts


Keep those math facts fresh!  Here are some fun videos to help you memorize your facts for better math fluency.